About Me


I used to over train, over think, and over eat.

I felt un-loved, un-worthy, and was asking the wrong questions in life.

Then few years ago I discovered path to personal development.

Once I learned to love myself everything else started to fall into place.

I started to eat healthier because I wanted to have more energy, I trained because it made me feel good afterward, and I added spirituality and personal development into daily practice.

Nowadays I’m empowering others to reach the next level of their lives.
I do that by changing not only their bodies by being their fitness coach but also by helping them to get the right mindset to achieve anything they want.
I also founded my own company PK Media Solutions where I help women in business to grow not only their brand but also themselves. By managing their online presence I give them time back that they can spend offline on things that matter to them.

I love my life, myself and I built a company that I’m passionate about.

Are YOU ready to build a life you love?

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