Healthy Low Carb Zoodles dinner made in minutes


Are you wondering how to to prepare healthy dinner in minutes?
Have you ever tried zoodles??
Just use spiralizer on zucchini and if you don’t have any home yet just use the peeler for potatoes 🙌🏻
– Spiralize
2 zuchinnis
– Sautéed them on non stick coconut spray .
Then add:

– 1/4 cup cherri tomatoes
– 1 tbs smoked paprika
– Dash of sea salt

Mix all together when zucchinis are soft (cooked) add following:
– 2 tbs sour cream (or 1/4 cup coconut culinary milk lite, or 1/4 cup tbs cottage cheese cheese)

And then protein of your choice. I usually use what I have at home, ham, chicken, cheese, hard boiled eggs. You choose 🙂
Today I added:
– 1 chicken sausage .

To garnish my plates I like to add something of contrasting colors. Like fresh herbs, tomatoes, or cheese. Depending on the main color of the plate.
Because we also eat with our eyes 🙂

Today’s choice is:
Sprinkled with feta cheese and fresh mint 🍃
It was super yummy!!!
What’s on your dinner table tonight? 😃


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  1. Very good website – bookmarked

    1. Petia says:

      Thank you so much ! Glad you like it

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