How My Life Changed When I Changed


While ago I read a book with title :

Nothing will change until you do.
Sounds kind a logic right?
But if you are like me, and most of people, you don’t like the changes..

With time I realized that it isn’t the change it self what we don’t
like but the unknown.
There are changes we like, as for example when we loose/gain weight as
we wanted, when we get a raise at work, when we get the position that
we were applying for, and so on..

What we fear is the unknown and that we will have to go off the paths we know.
We get comfortable and we get use to what we do.
We feel good in our comfort zone..
But we can’t stay there.
You will never grow and better yourself there.

And you don’t want to feel stuck in your life right?

I felt the latest step up in my personal development journey just today.
I felt the change in me that I know is changing my life.

I just lost my job unexpectedly.
My first thoughts went to my old beliefs, to my old self..

We usually go to our limiting beliefs when something happens
unexpectedly in our lives..
Because that’s what we are use to..

My first thoughts were that I’m not good enough.
That no matter how much good I will do with all my heart people will
always find things that I don’t do well.
I thought I’m stupid and it is all my fault and I don’t deserve to be happy.

Then I contacted couple of my close friends to let it out.
I cried my eyes out..

And in the next step is where I felt the breaking moment..
Breaking from my old self…
From my limiting beliefs..

I told myself..
There is nothing I can do about the past.
I can’t change or control what have already happened.
So what can I do from here??

I brought myself to the NOW moment.
I stop being hard on myself I stopped thinking about past.
I let go fear of uncertain near financial future.
And I made a list.
I wrote down the things I can do now that I will have more time and
things I can be excited about.

You are not your past!
You are not your mistakes!
You are not what people say you are.

Everyday and every moment you are in control of your life and you
choose how you will act.

What is a change you are working on right now that you feel if you can
change that your life will be better or easier?
And what are your limiting beliefs that first come to your mind when
something unexpected happens?

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