Use your pain to create

Use your pain to create not to destroy.

We all face pain in our lives. Pain is inevitable.
However, suffering is optional.
If you suffer, it’s because you choose to.

It is your choice what do you do with the pain that comes into your life.

You can let it to destroy you and break you, or you can use it as a fuel. You can use it to create.
I used to do it when I was younger without even realizing it.

When I was facing pain that was tearing me apart, I sat down and wrote poems, I painted, I went for a run.

You will have pain in your life. I wish I could say you won’t and that I could take the pain others feel away, but life doesn’t work that way.

Let the pain make you not break you! Don’t keep it inside of you, let it out, let it create.

It doesn’t matter if you create new project at work, if you write an article sharing your story with others, if you make an amazing family meal, get a work out in or just go for a walk.

Let the pain that comes into your life make you better, stronger, and ready for all the good that is on its way.

And trust me, what’s to come is better than what’s gone!!

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